Lyft News in Fall 2016

Winter is here, can you believe it? Well, for us it’s no bad news since we are not in Westeros and white walkers are fiction. On the contrary, I’m pretty sure that the Lyft ride-sharing service has lots of pleasant surprises, deals and promotional codes in store for us this winter season. Meanwhile, let’s check out what it was like to ride with Lyft in the past three months. As you might already know from the official blog of Lyft, this fall has been rich in events for the compan, so get ready for some really long and super-informative read!

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Lyft September Digest: Let’s check out what’s new

Caught by surprise that the summer is over? It seems like only yesterday we were congratulating our dads on Father’s Day and celebrating the 4th of July. All this summer Lyft has been there for us to help us out with a ride. And while fall has just started, this September has already been rich in events for the Lyft community. Let’s check out what’s new.

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Easier Lyft Rides for Seniors

Since it’s the 21 century already, we’re all totally okay using smartphones. We are running around the city trying to catch a Pokemon, sending snaps to our followers and tweeting about what we’re up to today. And it’s certainly no hassle for the Lyft community to hail a Lyft taxi via the app and make use of special promocodes to make the Lyft ride even cheaper.
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Lyft Promo Code for Best Value Rides

What’s the fuss about

You might be a Lyft old-timer or a ridesharing newbie, but you must be really interested in how to get the best value of your rides. While some guys are going crazy about tracking down and capturing Pokemons in their city, we – Lyft riders – are fishing for free Lyft codes. Continue reading “Lyft Promo Code for Best Value Rides”

Meet Lyft New Competitor

Hey, you know Lyft offers the most enjoyable rides with the friendliest drivers. Pax appreciate Lyft customer service and take advantage of a variety of special promotions and bonuses. You too should know by now that Lyft is a lot of fun and there must be a Lyft mustache selfie somewhere on your camera roll. Continue reading “Meet Lyft New Competitor”

Lyft Community Solutions

Challenges for the underserved

Millions of Americans can’t afford their own vehicles or have difficulty accessing transportation options available. For example, they may spend a great deal of their time walking to the nearest train or bus stop to get where they need. They cannot afford to pay for a taxi either. And here is when they can greatly benefit from the Lyft community solutions. Continue reading “Lyft Community Solutions”

Lyft Los Angeles: Lyft Community in LA

La-La Lyft

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Lyft is the Best to Get to the Fest!

Yee-haw! CMA Music Festival is coming to Nashville! Get ready for the ultimate country music experience, because Lyft is the CMA 2016 official ridesharing partner! It means you can enjoy laid-back Lyft rides to and from the stadium, promo Lyft coupons and some other nice prizes! Continue reading “Lyft is the Best to Get to the Fest!”

Special Lyft offer during Metro SafeTrack Program

Howdy, Lyft community! I’ve got some bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that starting June 3, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland residents have to put up with a year-long Metro SafeTrack repair project. The good news is that meanwhile the passengers can enjoy special Lyft discounts! Continue reading “Special Lyft offer during Metro SafeTrack Program”

Lyft Scheduled Rides: Lyft San Francisco First

I bet even the most spontaneous of you, guys, sometimes would prefer everything settled in advance. Suppose, you’ve got an early-morning flight or an important appointment – for peace of mind you would appreciate scheduling the ride beforehand, wouldn’t you? Rejoice! Lyft codes apart, starting May 23, Lyft offers a new feature that allows you, Lyft riders, to schedule rides up to 24 hours in advance! Continue reading “Lyft Scheduled Rides: Lyft San Francisco First”