About My First Lyft Experience

How i get my first ride free

It was mid-July as we were giving a bridal shower to a friend of mine in Miami. The event so engaging that you would think through all the arrangements to make it go smoothly, but hardly bother about your return logistics. This was just my case. Most of the girls had already gone by 2 a.m. when I suddenly found myself kind of stranded while feeling dizzy and collapsing.

I texted my friend in Miami to ask him to pick me up and drive me to the hotel, but he was out of town for the weekend. However, he suggested me using Lyft ridesharing service instead of calling a cab. This, he assured, was his latest rescue option for after-party rides that could save me my money too. I’d heard about carpooling before with many of my friends already using it routinely, but alas – I’d never given it a chance myself.

Just as my friend noted, it took me just 3 steps and a couple of minutes to request my first ride with Lyft. I simply downloaded the Lyft app from the App Store, put in my pick-up and destination points – and here you go! They gave a matching car and in 7 minutes I was enjoying the ride through the night Miami laid-back in a cozy Chevy.

From that night on, I became a dedicated Lyft rider. Lyft service helps me out every now and then. It’s very simple! You download the app, request a ride – and a nearby Lyft driver picks you up on a pink mustache car within minutes! It’s much cheaper than regular taxis. It saves your money, your gas, your time and your nerves. What is more, they offer bonuses, coupons and promo codes for Lyft free rides!

Finally, it helps you make new connections. I found my current massage therapist – the best so far – on the recommendation from the Lyft driver!

So in this blog I will share with you my tips and life-hacks on how to get most out of Lyft ridesharing service. This Lyft is amazing and I will continue enjoying it!

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