Easier Lyft Rides for Seniors

New Service GreatCall for Seniors

Since it’s the 21 century already, we’re all totally okay using smartphones. We are running around the city trying to catch a Pokemon, sending snaps to our followers and tweeting about what we’re up to today. And it’s certainly no hassle for the Lyft community to hail a Lyft taxi via the app and make use of special promocodes to make the Lyft ride even cheaper.

Challenges for your grandparents

The older generation, however, is not that comfortable using smartphones, no matter how intuitive and responsive the user interface is. And I’m sure many of us know from our own experience how hard it’s to explain to our parents or grandparents how to download an app from the AppStore or Google Play. Not to mention making an order via the Walmart application. But in some cases, especially when it comes to health, a smartphone can be a real lifesaver for a senior person.

Lyft Senior Couple - Selfie

Unfortunately, it’s common that we can’t find time to drive our parents to a medical appointment or to take them shopping. It’s time we stopped neglecting our near and dear ones. Lyft has teamed up with GreatCall, a San Diego company that makes easy-to-use smartphones for seniors, to make transportation for the elderly safer and more comfortable. That is certainly good news for the whole Lyft community, as seniors now can enjoy Lyft taxi rides while the younger of us can worry less about our loved ones.

Lyft Senior Woman

Show them how it works

The new service is available to all senior citizens who have a Jitterbug phone. Requesting a Lyft ride is as simple as this:

  • Press the “0” button on your Jitterbug phone;
  • Tell the call-center operator your pick-up and drop-off locations;
  • Find out the estimated fare and when your Lyft taxi will arrive.

That’s it! Besides, you can hail a cab for a week in advance. What’s more, you won’t even have to carry any cash to pay for the Lyft ride, as the fare is added to your GreatCall monthly bill.

The friendship between the Lyft community and GreatCall follows on from the earlier campaigns for senior citizens. Let’s recall the Concierge app which Lyft introduced back in January, 2016. The app is the result of Lyft’s partnership with National Medtrans Network in New York City. The application allows seniors to request a Lyft ride with the help of a person in a partnering medical institution.

Doesn’t the new partnership program make Lyft the most community-friendly ridesharing service? It surely does! Hurry up to share the news with your family!


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    1. Hi Susan,
      thanks for your comment. I believe it wouldn’t be difficult to set up a Jitterbug phone, as it is specifically aimed at those who are not especially tech-savvy. Anyway, a sales assistant would be glad to help you with the set-up.

    1. Hi Thomas! Thanks for your comment. Click a link in the first paragraph to find your promocode for signing up for Lyft.

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