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hipster with beard like Lyft video

Hey, guys!

We all like funny videos, right? Lovely cat videos, painfully amusing epic fails, inspiringly thrilling GoPro extreme videos, witty Super Bowl commercials… We can spend a lion share of our online leisure time watching these videos on YouTube. Well, I personally can. And I do.

You might also follow the YouTube channels of the brands you’re loyal to. With the huge budgets most well-known companies can afford for advertising campaigns, these spots are usually spectacular, good-humored and often feature celebrities.

Videos of the colossuses like world-known sportswear or soft drink producers are beyond competition in most cases, but there’re some other companies’ channels that are worth watching too.

In this post I’d like to share with you the amusing Lyft channel. The company comes up with really funny videos. You should check their channel:

They have recently presented a new hilarious video on how riding is becoming the new driving.

I enjoyed it. It depicts all the challenges we have to face when driving a car – all those traffic jams, breakdown and girly issues, annoying parking fines, after party side-effects… Don’t you recognize yourself in this traffic theater?

It was also interesting to watch the behind the scenes video.

For all American football fans, Lyft also shot some undercover episodes featuring Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, and former wide receiver Jerry Rice.

There’s an episode with cute Danica Patrick, a professional racecar racing driver.

You should also check out the mocking Halloween series! How would you feel about riding with a Frankenstein driver, ha?

And I’d like to leave you with another hysterical video about Lyft service. It appeals to me because one of the great things about Lyft is that you can make new connections and share music! I’ve considerably boosted my playlist with some cool tracks and discovered great music bands while meeting new Lyft people!

So, what’s your favorite funny Lyft video?

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