How to Get Lyft Promo Code $50 for Existing Users

Enjoy Lyft 50 off

Lyft promo codes for current users do exist

Despite the common belief that once you started using Lyft you are no longer subject to new users’ promotions, there’re still some loopholes to enjoy Lyft 50 off promo codes. There is a little bird that tweets me the secret combination to get Lyft promo code $50. As an initiator of the Lyft rider community, I can’t but share these coupons with my ridesharing buddies!

Use the exclusive promo code below before you request your next Lyft ride – and receive up to 50% off your fare. Mind that the offer is valid only for a few days! Don’t miss out!

Get first time Lyft promo code
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If the magic trick doesn’t work for you, you still can resort to traditional and legal ways to get your Lyft 50 off. For a chance to get Lyft free rides, choose from the following options.

Lyft promo codes for special events

In addition to partnership with some leading companies, Lyft also supports music and sports events, and comes up with promotion campaigns in advance of major holidays. So the next time you’re about to groove at the Jazz Fest or visit your family on Mother’s Day, look for codes for your free Lyft rides.

Lyft riders taking selfie with Lyft driver

Lyft referral bonuses

If you haven’t been lucky with Lyft promo code $50, you can still make most out of the Lyft referral programs which are based on a refer-a-friend marketing scheme. A Lyft referral is one of the easiest ways to gain credit for a ride. The Lyft Referral Bonus offers up to $50!

The principle is as follows: you spread the word about the Lyft app among the people you know, and once your referrals use your referral code, you get a ride credit. It’s a win-win option.

Share your Lyft $50 promo code with friends

To get a Lyft referral bonus is really easy. Once you sign up for Lyft, you’re automatically given a referral code. This unique personal code can be shared with anyone else who is new to the Lyft platform.

You can find the code by navigating to the “Invite Friends” option in the Lyft app menu. You can invite your friends either directly from the app or by sharing the referral link in your social media accounts.

For more detailed instructions, read my how-to-get-free-rides guide and the previous post on Lyft referral bonuses.

Reasons to recommend Lyft to your friends

10 reasons to recommend Lyft to your friends

If you’re a frequent Lyft passenger, it won’t require from you a gift of the gab to refer a friend to the Lyft ride-share app. You don’t have to exaggerate, just outline the aspects that make your Lyft riding experience pleasant. And do not forget to mention Lyft promo code $50 😉

Check out my list of top 10 reasons to like Lyft:

  • Lyft is available 24/7.
  • With Lyft you hail a car with a few taps on the smartphone.
  • Lyft offers rides at affordable prices.
  • Lyft app gives an estimate of your trip before you request a ride.
  • Lyft drivers pick you up in just a few minutes.
  • You don’t need cash on you to pay for a Lyft ride.
  • In some cities, Lyft provides transfer to/from the airport.
  • Lyft app matches you with the best possible driver, avoiding the poor-rated chauffeurs.
  • With Lyft and Lyft Plus, you can make multiple stops per ride.
  • You can enjoy free rides due to various Lyft promotions.

Once you try Lyft for yourself and realize how this service helps you get around in your day-to-day life, you are likely to advise it to your friends. The Lyft referral program is a win both for the passenger and a gain for the company, so take advantage of this great opportunity.

Lyft ride-hailing service is moving fast and is expanding ridership. More and more streets are pink-mustachioed including megalopolises like New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle and others. More and more millennials in the cities switch from car ownership to transfer service provided via Lyft ride-sharing app.

If you feel you should use your time and money more efficiently – join the stream and enjoy Lyft!

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