How to Use Lyft App

how to get Lyft App

If you’re brought here by the question how to use Lyft app (or “lift app”, as many google it) shunning a complex quest to get a Lyft ride, this should be the shortest user guide ever. Lyft is really quite easy to use and allows you to hail a car with a tap of your finger. Using Lyft is simple as ABC:

A. Download Lyft app

Search for “Lyft” in the App Store or Google Play and download the app on your iPhone or Android.

B. Create a Lyft Account

Open your Lyft app and choose between signup and login to an existing account. Use credentials to set up a Lyft account. You can sign up or log in via your Facebook account too.

C. Set up a payment method

Lyft is a cashless environment, which means that passengers do not pay for a ride by cash but directly through the app. That’s why you are to link at least one valid credit card or PayPal account in the Payment tab of the Lyft app.

Now that you have completed all the above first steps, you’re ready to ride!

Lyft rider use lyft app

How to ride with Lyft

When you need a lift, open the Lyft app and follow the on-screen prompts. You’ll see a map with your current location and available cars nearby. Mind, that all these cars on the map are not necessarily the cars ready to give you a ride. You need to request a ride first.

  • Set your pickup location

On the map in your app, your pickup point – marked as a small blue circle – is placed at your current location. If it’s off, drag the pickup point to the specific location or type the address in the box above the “Set Pickup” button by hand.

When you request a ride, and optionally enter your destination point, the Lyft app will contact the nearby available drivers. Once a Lyft driver accepts your ride, you’ll see their profile – the name, photo, make and model of the car, a photo of the vehicle, and estimated time of arrival.

  • Choose the driver

Depending on the number of passengers, you can choose from several options for your Lyft ride:

  • Standard Lyft is good if you’re riding solo or with up to 3 friends.
  • Lyft Plus is fit for a 6-passenger ride or when you just need more space.
  • Lyft Line (available in select cities only) implies sharing a ride with other passengers going the same way and thereby paying up to 60% less.
  • Wait for a driver to pick you up

The driver will call or text you once he or she arrives. Enjoy the ride!

You can track your route in the app during the ride, but it doesn’t provide for a meter like in a traditional taxi. As the ride ends you should use the app to submit the payment and give the feedback on the driver.

girl using lyft app

How to pay for a Lyft ride

The ride fare will be charged to the card filed on your account. You can tip the driver via the app too. In this case the tip will be charged the same payment option. Or you can give cash tips as well.

Thus the whole transaction – hailing a car, spotting the pick-up and driver’s location as well as paying for the ride – are handled via the Lyft app. So you do not have to pay the driver with cash or card. You don’t have to have money on you at all!

This makes Lyft service much more convenient than riding with a taxi. I bet all of you get annoyed from time to time when you have to linger with the payment at the end of the ride, often in the dim light or in a rush, don’t you?

Riding with Lyft, you can say good-bye to your driver, hop out of the car and nonchalantly head for your destination, submitting the payment later.

Lyft app user want to pay for lyft

How to rate a Lyft driver

At the end of the ride, you are to rate the person who gave you the ride. The rating system is designed to match you with the best possible drivers and to motivate them to deliver better-quality service. Once you rate a driver 3 stars or lower, the Lyft system will never match you again.

The driver’s rating provides you an insight into his background, so that you get an idea of the person who’s picking you up. Poor driving behavior and consequent low ratings on Lyft can result in drivers’ losing passengers or even facing penalties from the company. Meanwhile, the same can’t be said for taxi drivers, so this is another argument in favor of Lyft.

The Lyft rating system is two-sided, which means your will also be rated by your driver. So you’d better be friendly and polite and do not leave litter in the car.

Lyft driver waiting for lyft customer

Now that you know how to use Lyft app, don’t you find it’s a no-brainer at all? Even if you don’t need a ride right at the moment, why wait for the crunch time? Download Lyft right now to have everything set at a good hour. And don’t miss the chance to benefit from Lyft app bonuses!

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