Lyft 5-Star Feedback

Amazing Lyft Rider feedback

What a week this is turning out to be! At long last it’s Saturday – finally time to turn your mind off and chill for a while. But it may happen so you have no one out there to live it up. Or maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, had a bad day and don’t want to go anywhere. To pick yourself up and turn a bad or boring mood, watch these heal-all feedback videos about Lyft riding experience.

Here is a pick of the most fabulous comments from Lyft riders. Look closer. Maybe that was you who was on board of the car with that barbate “amazing guy with long eyelashes” or that “friendly, but not annoying” girl from the Lyft community… Forget it. Just enjoy.

It looks like lots of funny haps, awkward wink-wink, Cupid-shot-at-my-heart drama and true laugh-till-you-cry stories happen out there in his car. “I think I saw baby Jesus. Or was it Jack Black? I don’t know anymore. My reality has changed”. It would be great to know some of those people who left comments. And yes, I wish I could share a car with Thomas.

Two more episodes with feedback on hilarious Lyft rides from Blair McDonald. She’s the =)

And finally, meet charming “Thank you” man with the gum – Brian Simpson. “Good, but not great”. Is he really? I find him funny.

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