Lyft Accelerate: Premier Driver Rewards

Lyft platform offering rewards

Lyft has always been mindful of its drivers to keep them happy and connected by offering extra rewards for picking up more passengers. But with its Lyft Accelerate program, the company is trying to make their ridesharing service even more alluring to drivers.

how to become a Lyft driver

As a driver on the Lyft platform, you get access to the special Lyft Accelerate rewards program. Accelerate perk system puts drivers in one of three status levels – silver, gold, and platinum – depending on how many rides they perform per month. This incentive should attract new contractors to become a Lyft driver.
Every driver starts out at the silver rank, which offers basic access to Lyft partners’ services like health insurance.

Lyft Accelerate - silver programIf drivers give 20+ rides a month, they are promoted to a gold status that unlocks a wide range of discounts from car maintenance to discounted gym memberships and movie tickets.
Lyft gold rewards programAnd if drivers are that committed to deliver 200+ rides a month, they get platinum-level rank that streamlines them in contacting Lyft headquarters if they need help.
Lyft platinum program
Actually, Lyft Accelerate program is like a huge collection of coupons with over 600 competitive discounts. Here’re just a few of them:

  • Shell fuel rewards;
  • Cell phone discounts from Verizon;
  • Discounted tax support from Intuit software;
  • On-Demand Healthcare app;
  • Health insurance from eHealth Marketplace;
  • Discounted assistance from Allstate Roadside Services;
  • Retirement plans from Honest Dollar;
  • Discounts on auto maintenance, tires, screen repairs, and tune-ups.

Lyft Accelerate reward status The driver’s reward status is secured monthly based on their number of rides. However, if a driver doesn’t maintain his quota, the rewards are withdrawn.
Get lyft accelerate reward Since Lyft Accelerate depends on the number of rides rather than hours on the road, it’s the drivers who give mostly short rides who will benefit from the rewards. The program is good news for riders as well, because it means even more welcoming, affordable and memorable rides in Lyft-friendly cities.
At the movement, the Lyft platform community unites tens of thousands of drivers across the country. Does Lyft Accelerate sound appealing to you? Does it drive you to the idea to become a Lyft driver?

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