Lyft App Bonuses: How to Get Free Rides via the App

How to get free rides and lyft app bonuses

Hey, Lyft riders, Lyft drivers and would-be Lyft people!

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you must already be enjoying Lyft promotions and know how to get free rides with Lyft 😉 The company is quite lavish with various giveaways and discounts – first riders, drivers, and even existing users can benefit from their next Lyft ride!

For example, you can gain Lyft app bonuses while encouraging your friends to start using Lift driving app!

How to get local lyft app promotions

Or you can follow the updates from the company on the latest special offers. Not long ago Lyft provided 50% off for all weekday rides in Manhattan while Lyft NYC drivers could keep the maximum of the fare due to 0% Lyft commission!

Lyft promotions in New York

Apart from these huge Lyft promotions, you can receive nice extras using special promo codes. All you have to do is to enter the code I share here in my blog into the payment section of the Lyft app.

Get first time Lyft promo code
click here to the use code

It really works! Just type this secret combination in your app – and ta-da! – save on your next Lyft ride! Lyft app bonuses vary from state to state, so make sure to check out your local Lyft app promotions!

Sounds incredible? It does. But you can leave your doubt at the door. Saving on transfer has never been that simple!

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