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Lyft career opportunities for you

Lyft Career Opportunities

Along with other ride-sharing services, Lyft has revolutionized the way transportation works, bringing transport, technology and community together.

Now the pink-mustached company is changing our attitude to work by offering great Lyft career opportunities. I’ve already written about Lyft driver jobs, but today let’s go beyond the wheel and move to the Lyft office.
There’s a great team of creative professionals behind this funky app who put efforts to make your next Lyft ride even better experience. These are business analysts and project managers, customer experience associates and designers, brand managers and software engineers! The service is developing at an incredible pace which means more ingenious ideas and more passionate energy is needed in the office.
You can pursuit your Lyft career in analytics, business operations, customer service, finance, marketing, design, and other creative departments. Think about discovering new ways to recruit drivers and attract passengers, forging partnership with local businesses, and meeting new amazing people!
Here’re some reasons why Lyft jobs are worth applying for.

Lyft office at work


It is community that differentiates Lyft from other ridesharing services. Lyft is well-known for its tight-knit team with amazing corporate spirit. The corporate culture relies on enthusiasm and optimism, and everybody goes above and beyond to help out. The company encourages uniqueness and supports a flexible attitude.
Choosing a Lyft career means working in a company where success and failure are both celebrated, while inaction isn’t. Team building activities include bi-weekly team meetings, recreational sports league matches, and community hangouts.
Lyft jobs mean working with great people with diverse background and experience. Even among Lyft drivers, there are musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs who come up with goofy ideas. Yet both drivers and office staff are passionate about their work and open to new ideas. It seems like there’s no such thing as a boring day with such awesome people on board. Lyft community party

Perks & Benefits

With the tagline “We treat you better” Lyft goes beyond lip service and backs up these words with actions. The company does care about its employees and drivers.
For example, Lyft team members receive great medical, dental, and vision insurance. The company covers 100% of premiums for base plans and 75% for dependents.
There are also unlimited vacation days for exempt team members, while non-exempt contractors enjoy 15 days of paid vacation, 5 sick days, and 10 paid holidays.
Lyft also provides monthly transport credits, granting up to $130 per month to cover commuting costs.
lyft career - we treat you better
Lyft competes hard for both drivers and passengers by developing engaging features and providing economic opportunities. Using a promo code is just one of the dozen ways for passengers to enjoy discounted Lyft rides.

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Located in the heart of a vibrant district in San Francisco, Lyft’s office boasts of an inherently whimsical branding and a café-designed roof deck where team members enjoy sunny days. By the way, the office is dog-friendly, so canine friends are welcome too.

How to Apply

If this post makes you feel like you could be part of the Lyft team, visit the Lyft official webpage to check out the current openings for Lyft jobs.
You can apply for a vacancy right on the website by filling out the application form. In this form, you’re to provide general info like your full name, phone number and email. You can attach your CV or apply with LinkedIn, as well as provide links to your social profiles or portfolio.
Lyft career means working in a success company
You might be a no-good driver, but still work for the friendliest car-hailing service ever! Take a chance to find your dream job with Lyft!

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