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Challenges for the underserved

Millions of Americans can’t afford their own vehicles or have difficulty accessing transportation options available. For example, they may spend a great deal of their time walking to the nearest train or bus stop to get where they need. They cannot afford to pay for a taxi either. And here is when they can greatly benefit from the Lyft community solutions.

How Lyft makes difference

Ridesharing with the Lyft community is a way out for people who live far from public transport and don’t have a lot of money to pay for other transportation options. For example, if you live in a hard-to-get neighborhood and need to commute to your job in the city centre or go shopping on the weekend, you can request a Lyft ride to get to your destination safe and sound, in no minutes and at an affordable price.

Lyft is number one option for its reasonable fares, friendly attitude and safety. Lots of towns and cities need Lyft.

For example, for a city employee whose workday ends late at night, when transit is unsafe, Lyft has become a reliable, affordable and secure way to get home.

Lyft also transforms everyday travel for the disabled due to its voiceover accessibility-enabled app.

Let alone the role of the Lyft community for elderly and lonely people.

On the other side, Lyft opens up new social and income opportunities for those with impairments, like deaf drivers.

Some people struggle to make their work schedule fit with their family life. And this is another case when Lyft changes people’s life for better.

Lyft is indeed a friendlier and cheaper alternative to a taxi which is available at the tap of your finger. Just use the Lyft app on your mobile phone to request a Lyft ride.

Future of transportation

The latest advances in technologies offer extra conveniences that we can take advantage of today – from ordering pizza online for the family to share in the privacy of their own home to buying a vehicle that drives itself. Some of these changes have completely revolutionized the way we do some things.

While rapid urbanization puts more stress on transportation infrastructure, driving alone becomes unsustainable. In this context, ridesharing with Lyft changes all that. By bringing community, transportation and the latest technologies together, Lyft changes the way people commute from one place to another and makes their life easier.

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