Lyft Driver Bonus: How to Drive with Lyft and Get Extra Cash Rewards

Lyft offers a great opportunity to hustle while driving

Pssst, drivers! Do you want to make up to $35 per hour just driving your car? Lyft offers a great opportunity to hustle while driving! You can receive up to $1,000 as an amazing Lyft driver bonus just by signing up to drive and entering a Lyft driver promo code.

Make sure to sign up to drive for Lyft using the promo code! Otherwise, there is no way for existing drivers to get credit after signing up.

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I’ve already written a post about enjoyable experience of a Lyft ride for passengers. But here’s a story on how cool it is to be a Lyft driver. Check out the list of other Lyft driver bonus promotions.

Refer new drivers and get cash bonuses from Lyft

Lyft driver bonus up to 1000

In some cities, you get rewarded for referring new drivers. To receive referral Lyft driver bonus, your invitees must be new to Lyft and must submit the code before setting off for the first ride.

There are two ways to refer new drivers:

  • Sharing a link from the Referral Dashboard

All you need is to log into the Referral Dashboard and enter your friends’ email addresses to send them invitations. By clicking the link they’ll be guided through the application procedure. You can post the link in your social media account as well.

  • Sharing a referral code

As a Lyft driver, you get your own unique referral code. You can share it with your fellows so that they can enter it directly upon sign-up.

Once your referral meets the requirements and is approved to drive, you’ll both receive an email notification and you’ll be able to enjoy your bonuses.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • Referral bonuses are valid for 14 days.
  • Referral credits are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • Bonus amounts depend on the region. For the list of participating cities, credit amounts, and terms refer to the official Lyft website.

Refer new passengers and get rewarded

lyft referral program

Passenger referrals are the driving force for expanding the Lyft community. The company recognizes the power of word of mouth and gives away a Lyft driver bonus of $10 for referring new passengers in select cities.

Note, that only new passengers, who haven’t requested a ride, are able to redeem referral codes. Here’s how you can get credit for referring new passengers.

  • Sharing a link from the Referral Portal

Log into the Referral Portal and click on your code – a new tab will open in your browser. Copy the link starting with “” and share it in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, or share by email. On clicking the link, a referred person will be guided through the sign-up process.

  • Sharing your personal referral code

There is a unique referral link in your Referral Portal or on your driver summary. You can see the referral code at the end of the link, after ‘/invited/.’ Your invitee can enter this code upon sign-up or before requesting a ride.

Here’s a life hack from an experienced Lyft driver. You can print cards with your referral code and hand them out at the parties or any other social events and crowded places.

As soon as the referral link or code is activated, you can enjoy promos that apply. Depending on the city, Lyft driver bonus amount can vary. Check out the list of the eligible cities and referral amounts here.

Other Lyft driver bonuses

Here’re some other small things that make your Lyft driver’s experience even more pleasant.

  • Exclusive 1K Club jacket

If you are an experienced driver and – wow! – have reached a legendary milestone of 1,000 Lyft rides, the company might award you with an exclusive 1K Club jacket with a badge of honor. Lyft itself will reach out to the drivers who’ve given 1,000 rides to share the details on how to get the limited edition apparel.

get lyft club jacket

  • Shell fuel rewards

Saving on gas while driving?! Sounds like a paradox! Nonetheless, Lyft partners with Shell to help drivers earn free or discounted fuel. To take advantage of this offer link your Lyft account with your Shell Fuel Rewards account, give some Lyft rides and watch the rewards roll in.

get lyft fuel rewards

  • Lyft icon Glowstache

You might have long been wondering where these pink Glowstaches come from. And I bet you didn’t know that they were created by the same designers who worked on Virgin America and Beats! To be eligible to receive the signature Glowstache you are to have given 100 Lyft rides and maintain a rating of 4.8 or above.

Lyft driver feature

Why drive for Lyft

  • You decide when to drive

Lyft is great as a part-time job. Suppose, you already have a nice job, but you still can drive a few hours in your off-time. You’re the boss and it’s up to you when to drive. You can drive just on Friday nights and weekends and still make more than $800.

  • You make money

My friend has already made thousands of dollars driving for Lyft, and he is convinced that making $50 in an hour or two is totally worth his time. Here’s a piece of insiders’ information for you to show you how the payment works.

Lyft drivers are paid weekly and get 80% of the payment from the passengers. Moreover, many passengers tip drivers, which usually adds up another $20 or $30 per week. While an average ride is usually about $10, the totals grow fatter amazingly fast, especially on weekends!

As I’ve written above, there Lyft driver bonuses for referrals to make money on. For each referred passenger, the driver gets $10 after the referred passenger takes the first Lyft ride, while for each new driver you refer, you can receive a bonus up to $750.

  • You are safe

Backed up with $1,000,000 insurance, Lyft drivers are pretty safe. Another reason Lyft drivers are secure enough is that they usually don’t have much cash on them to rob. Since passengers are to pay for the ride via the app and can only leave cash as tips, the Vice City trick of grabbing cash from the Hispanic taxi drives won’t work.

  • You make new connections

Driving for Lyft is also pure joy because of the people you meet, the communication experience you get, and the fact that you are helping people out. Isn’t that great to realize that you’ve just saved somebody’s relationships, work position or even life by delivering them from one place to another safely and on time?!

How to sign up to drive for Lyft

7 steps to become a Lyft driver

Now that you’ve learnt all the perks and benefits of being a Lyft driver, you must be interested in the requirements to drive for Lyft?

First of all, you are to be at least 21 and own an iPhone or Android phone. Then, you can proceed to the 7 steps to become a Lyft driver:

  1. Visit the Lyft driver application page and fill out basic personal information. Don’t forget to enter the promo code provided to you by the referring driver.
  2. Verify your phone number.
  3. Provide vehicle information (model, year, number of doors, etc.).
  4. Provide driver information (full name, social security number, driver’s license information, mailing address).
  5. Submit the consent and wait for Lyft to complete the background check (takes about a week). Lyft will notify you on its outcome.
  6. Meet a Lyft mentor for a test ride to get approved to drive. This stage also implies the car inspection, insurance arrangements and making photos of the vehicle.
  7. Once approved, give your first Lyft ride!

Some of my friends already enjoy the experience of Lyft driving. Others are in the application process and wait for the background check results. And the most ambitious ones, while trying to stay humble about the dough they make, proudly boast with the pink Glowstache on the dashboard of their car.

With all that said, have you made up your mind to drive for Lyft?

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