The Ultimate Lyft Driver Training Course

An ultimate Lyft Driver guide

Hey, drivers! I guess some of you got really interested in taking up driving for Lyft service in view of the latest news.

Lyft indeed gives an amazing opportunity to make extra money and meet new people. The company boasts of warm and welcoming corporate culture and offers incredible promotions to encourage new sign-ups to the community.

To make things easier for you, here’s an ultimate Lyft Driver guide which is the quintessence of a Lift Driver training course. So here are the steps you need to take to join Lyft car service.

Step 1: Meeting driver and vehicle requirements

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To apply to drive for Lyft you should live up to the standards of the Lyft driver community. Luckily, you are not expected to drive like Schumacher or possess London cab drivers’ navigation skills. However, you and your car are to meet the following requirements.

  • Age: Applicants are to be at least 21 years old at the moment of application, which allows even fresh graduates to earn some money without compromising their studies. Actually, Lyft doesn’t discriminate on age or sex, so your dad can consider Lift taxi driving for additional earnings too.
  • License: You are to have an in-state license which has been active for at least twelve months by the application date.
    Vehicle: Fully insured 4-door car that is 2004 or newer with an active in-state registration. As vehicle requirements may vary from place to place, check out city and state requirements at the Lyft official website.Lift drivers oldest vehicle year
  • Insurance: Car insurances must be with your name on the policy, and issued in the state where you are going to drive. Note that some insurance companies refuse to cover ride-share vehicles, so read the terms thoroughly.
  • Clean driving record: A speeding ticket or two in your driving career is ok, unless you have major violations including skipping lights, car accidents, or driving on suspended license on record in last three years. Mind that there should be no cases of arson involving vehicles, driving under influence or drug-related issues in last seven years either.
  • No criminal record: Lyft service employs third-party companies to check applicants’ background for last seven years. Offenders with criminal history including violent crimes, manslaughter, property damage, homicide, theft, arson, and those failing to pass a lifetime screen against sexual offense, have no chance to sneak through.
  • Smartphone: iPhone 4 or newer, Android devices running 4.0+.

Step 2: Submitting an application

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There are two ways to file your application: via the app or on the Lyft webpage. If you are signing in via your Facebook account, some of your personal details will be filled out automatically.

You are to provide your full name, email, city, phone number and promotional or referral code, as well as read and accept the Lyft terms of agreement.

N.B. To enjoy the huge sign-on bonuses, make sure to enter a Lyft driver referral code as you sign up.

Afterwards, you receive a validation code in a text message. As you confirm the phone number, you will need to fill in your vehicle details (the year, make, model, color, and number of doors) and some more personal info like your full name, residential address, social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number and its expiration date. Finally, you are to read and accept the background check disclosure.

As these arrangements are closed, Lyft service will conduct a background check and come back to you via email, usually in two weeks or so.

Once you’ve passed your background check and received confirmation, Lyft will request further information including a copy of your driver’s license and insurance, photos of the tires with the required penny tread indicator, and a photo confirmation of your vehicle with all required license plates.

Step 3: Passing a mentor session

Lyft driver passing a mentor session

Lyft mentor session implies driving with an experienced Lyft driver on board who will check all the technical features like in-state plates, up-to-date tags, and registration. Since Lyft customer service is a big part of the company’s policy, the vehicle is to be in good condition. Such imperfections as chipped paint, cracks on the wind-shield, dents, stains, and unpleasant odors can disqualify you. Before setting off for a “tour de mentor”, make sure that the car looks presentable and all the safety features are functioning properly.

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Do not forget that a mentor session is a simulated trip with the Lyft mentor acting as a regular passenger. The mentor will give you a destination and engage you into a conversation to see how you react. As a Lift driver, you are expected to have a positive attitude even in case with a person under influence.

Despite the fact that a mentor session usually takes up to forty five minutes, it is a very important stage, so give it careful consideration and do not cancel it without a reasonable excuse.

Take up Lift Driver Training Course

Some enthusiasts have already set up training courses for lift taxi drivers where knowledgeable guys share their experience on driving for Lift car service. As a rule, such courses cover the application process, include information on using the Lyft app and redeeming power driver bonuses, and provide the most relevant and up-to-date answers to the frequently asked questions like how Lyft drivers get paid or how Lyft insurance works.

At such courses coaches educate both applicant and existing Lift drivers on how to become great drivers and achieve five-star ratings. The trainees are also updated on the current policies and changes so that they could improve their driver ratings and maximize their income.

Lift Driver Training Course

So if you feel nervous about exploring this career opportunity by yourself and could do with assistance of a Lyft veteran, consider enrolling on such a training course in your area. Let us know, how it goes 😉

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