Car Rental Revolution with Lyft Express Drive

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Are you willing to drive for Lyft but your car doesn’t match the qualifying criteria? Now with the new Lyft rental program, your mission of driving for Lyft is more accomplishable!

What’s the deal

General Motors and Lyft teamed up a few months ago to come up with a fantastic Lyft Express Drive rental program that makes GM cars available to Lyft drivers along with insurance and standard maintenance which makes the deal even sweeter. There’s no long-term commitment: the exclusive offer provides for flexible terms, so the drivers can drop it off and return the car on short notice if they need to. What’s more exciting, you can use the car for personal needs during the rental period.

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The more you drive, the less you pay

For Lyft drivers who meet a certain ride count per week, there’ll be no weekly rental cost. To put it short, the more you drive the rental car, the less you pay. If you complete 65+ trips for the week driving for Lyft, you’ll only be responsible for gas. Isn’t it cool to get rewarded for doing the job you’ve intended to do anyway?

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Who are the lucky ones

Since the successful launches in Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., and Baltimore in March, the program has earned up to $2 million. For Lyft Chicago alone, 30% of new driver applicants are reported to have requested an Express Drive vehicle. And there are more drivers on waiting lists everywhere to sign up for the program.
The interest for the short-term rental initiative dramatically exceeded expectations, so the program is now expanding to California and Colorado. Lyft Express Drive will be launched in San Francisco this summer, followed by Denver and Los Angeles this fall.
Now Lyft LA, Lyft San Francisco and Lyft Denver drivers get the opportunity to access cars – including pure electric vehicles such as the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV and Chevrolet Volt – for as little as $0!
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How to sign up for Lyft rental program

So you’ve made up your mind to drive on your schedule, without putting unnecessary mileage on your own car, covered by insurance, while not being locked into a contract? Lyft Express Drive was designed just for you!
To sign up for this exclusive program, be sure to select “rental car” in Vehicle Info during the application process.
When all the arrangements are settled, hit the road and start earning with Lyft.

  • Drive for personal use at a low rate;
  • Meet friendly fellow drivers and make new valuable contacts with your pax;
  • Enjoy exclusive perks and benefits with Accelerate rewards program.
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What’s behind this

This revolutionary Express Drive rental program is another way Lyft appreciates and encourages its drivers. The company provides them a flexible earning opportunity without the troubles of full car ownership or burdensome lease deals. While being a low-cost option for to drive for Lyft, in its essence Express Drive is a new approach to car rentals.

2 thoughts on “Car Rental Revolution with Lyft Express Drive”

  1. I am a 21 year old driver for Uber and Lyft and I currently am missing a vehicle. Lyft/Hertz program is a spit in the face. To normally rent a car from Hertz, you can be 20 years old and just get docked the young driver fee. But if you’re trying to go though Lyft. You MUST be 25+.. That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

    1. Hi Tyler,
      thanks for your comment. It’s a pity that such a requirement exists. But luckily, you are eligible to rent a car through GM, here the age requirement is 21+.

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