Lyft First Ride Free: Get First Time Lyft Promo Code

How to get your first ride free

I guess most of you have already caught yourself thinking that sometimes owning a car sucks. Now and then your car gives you hard time. You have to put up with unbearable traffic jams, deal with dumb parking restrictions, keep out of and yet get into accidents, and your car breaks down when you least expect it. Don’t you feel like escaping from this traffic hell from time to time? You can give Lyft a try – completely for free!

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How to enjoy Lyft first ride free

Download the free Lyft application from App Store or Google play;
Create an account;
Enter the Lyft promo code in the Payment section before you request your first ride;
Choose your pick-up location and destination, and see the estimate for the trip;
Get picked up by a Lyft driver;
When delivered to your endpoint, pay for a ride and rate your driver via the app.

As you can see, using Lyft for the first time is very easy, can be done in minutes and implies free rides!

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If you take a ride that is more expensive than your free Lyft first ride credit, your card will be charged only the difference between the total fare and the credit amount. On the contrary, if you don’t use up all of your account credit in one ride, you can reserve it for the next time. Mind, however, that once activated from your account, this ride promotion is valid for 14 days only. So you’d better enjoy the offer before it expires.

There must be some trick about it

There’s nothing tricky about Lyft offering such great deals for the Lyft first ride. The company provides customers with Lyft first ride free credit to raise awareness of its ridesharing services, relying thus rather on the loyalty factor and the power of spread-of-mouth than on traditional promotional tools.

When you can redeem your Lyft coupon for $50, you’re more likely to use the service a few more times, right? Provided you’re left content with the service, next time you need a quick pick-up to a certain destination you’ll refer to the same company, won’t you?

This is how Lyft works to gain loyal riders. No scam, no gimmicks. Just high-quality service and a bit of marketing. Isn’t it a pretty fair way to expand a business and make money, while keeping both drivers and riders happy?

By the way, you don’t have to worry that you enjoy these free rides at the driver’s expense. All Lyft drivers get their honestly earned money regardless of how the passenger pays for the ride – by cash, credit card, or by a Lyft coupon.

Ridesharing solution for car owners’ challenges

Luckily, a fundamental law of life is that new challenges generate new solutions. And a problem of both routine commuting and occasional spontaneous rides has been properly addressed by the ridesharing community. Just like a faithful friend of yours who’s ready to come for you on his or her four wheels to help you out in a pinch – there are amiable strangers who are eager to share their vehicles with you and to drive you to your destination, all for a very low fare.

Recently there’s been hype about ridesharing service. Carpooling has become a worldwide trend, a popular with millennials new way to get around the city and to manage time more efficiently. It’s really more useful and pleasant to revise for the exam, or enjoy reading a book with a morning cappuccino on your way to the college or office instead of sweating and fidgeting at the wheel while held-up, don’t you think so?

What Lyft service is about

Lyft is a network company providing on-demand transportation service which allows you to hail a car through a smartphone application. You call a car, track the driver, pay for a ride, and assess the service via your smartphone. Fares are charged directly to a preloaded credit card. Isn’t that a great idea to arrange your ride from A to Z with a tap of your finger?

The service is currently available across 66 metropolitan areas in the United States and there are plans for further expansion. Lyft ridesharing community has already overtaken the largest cities including New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, and many others.

If you are still unfamiliar with ride-hailing, don’t feel lagging behind – I’ve been there too. Nonetheless, my Lyft first ride experience was a nice and safe ride which laid the foundation for unswerving loyalty.

It’s never too late to catch up with the trend. Moreover, being a first time Lyft rider has an amazing advantage – you’re given a free Lyft ride credit up to $50! This means that with a Lyft coupon, you get one and even more rides for free, without paying a dime! Here’s how it works.

To all them skeptics

Most of my friends are skeptical about getting into a total stranger’s car first. But once tried, they feel comfortable about it and admit that it was a great experience. In the end they all come to the conclusion, that Lyft is an affordable and safe transportation option with a user-friendly mobile application. The list of advantages mentioned includes among others straightforward pricing and Lyft first ride promotions.

But what wins my personal favoritism is that Lyft never lets you down. Just like a good friend who would come to you even in the middle of the night at a tap of a finger.

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