Lyft Footprint Expansion

Lyft Footprint Expansion

Though most of you are probably hard to surprise by the pink-mustached cars driving all over the city, there are still places Lyft is quite new to. But as soon as Lyft is introduced to a new location, its residents discover the amazing benefits of riding with Lyft. It is a perfect alternative to public transport for those who don’t own a car or just need a driving-free night to enjoy some time with their friends. And to help you make the most of your first Lyft experience, Lyft offers free rides and discounts for newcomers.

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In its pursuit to offer cheaper rides with quality service to more people, Lyft is widening its geography to include more cities. And as this summer is already two months through, here is a short overview of new Lyft spots on the US map. Let’s take a look!

  • The Lyft Savannah mark was added to the Lyft map June, 8. Hey Lyft riders, now you have an opportunity to pick up your date just in time to be ready for a restaurant reservation, a movie or whatever you have arranged for.

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  • With Lyft Richmond services, local job seekers can skip the hectic crowds on the public transport – now they can arrive in good time for their job interview and appear perfectly neat before their prospective employer.

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  • This June Lyft has also come to Charleston, South Carolina. The residents can get a safe ride home after having fun at a bar downtown. BTW you can enjoy your rides even more with Lyft Charleston codes.

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  • In July Lyft made it to another city in Michigan – Grand Rapids! From this moment you can get a ride to and from Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and using Lyft Grand Rapids codes will bring you extra bonuses.

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  • Portland, Maine is one more city to welcome Lyft this summer. With Lyft Portland, you are spared the trouble of looking for a parking space on a Friday night as you head for a cafe to hang out with friends. And here is a tip for Portlanders: you can ride even cheaper with Lyft Portland codes!

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  • Lyft is also now available in Athens, Georgia! This city residents can now become Lyft drivers to earn some extra money in their free time. And don’t forget to make use of Lyft codes for drivers!

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This summer will go on with more Lyft locations on the US map. And as the pink-mustached cars have already earned a solid reputation in many US cities, I’m positive that newbie drivers will keep it up, or should I say, Lyft it up! Good luck to them!

What’s it been like to ride with Lyft this summer? I look forward to hearing about your experience!

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