Lyft Free Ride: How to Get Free Rides on Lyft

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Pink mustaches take over

Are you still surprised by furry pink mustache cars shuttling across the street back and forth? Suppose you aren’t. Lyft service has already become an old hat for many avid city travellers. In fact, such megacities as San Francisco and New York are filled with people who don’t own cars at all. And no wonder, for many of them Lyft rides save time, money, space and sanity without of full up buses, Monday-morning faces and flat tires.

So these forward-looking guys are Lyft existing users. Why is the number of these pink mustache adepts growing? They know the ropes! Have you heard about the awesome Lyft free ride promotions for first riders?

Lyft offers bonuses and credits up to $1,000

While Lyft no longer offers promo codes for existing Lyft users, there’re some other great deals for loyal riders. Lyft gives away bonuses and credits starting from $10 up to $1,000! Can you imagine that? To keep enjoying Lyft free rides you can choose from several options of passenger promotions and rewards. Check them out!

Refer New Drivers for Two-Sided Bonuses

Lyft driver on vintage car

In a number of cities, both the referring passenger and the referred driver can get rewards. Suppose, you’ve got friends on the wheels who have never used Lyft and won’t give up driving, but yet don’t mind a bit of side hustling. Suggest them joining Lyft driving community! This gonna be a mutually beneficial arrangement since each side get his or her profit. Here’s the deal.

As a referring passenger you need meet the following criteria:

  • Be an existing Lyft passenger with a positive track record.
  • Share your passenger referral code with the applicant driver.

The referred new drivers, in their turn, must:

  • Start their Lyft driver application during the promotion.
  • When applying, enter the referral code in the “Promo/Referral code” section.
  • Once approved as a Lyft driver, complete the specified number of rides within 30 days (no more than 2 rides for the same passenger will count).

Once these requirements are met, the referred new driver will see the bonus deposits after the ride requirement is met. The referring person will see the credits in their Lyft account a couple of weeks after their referral’s ride requirement is met.

As usual, there some peculiarities you should take note of:

  • Bonus and credit amounts, as well as ride requirements may vary depending on the region.
  • The duration of the referred driver’s application review may vary.
  • Eligibility and approval of the applicant driver are determined at the discretion of Lyft.
  • Bonuses and credits are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • Credits for Lyft free rides are valid within 1 year from the date of issuance.
  • This is a limited promotion and terms are subject to change.

Read more for details

Refer New Passengers to Get Lyft Rides Free

Lyft code for new passenger

In some cities, you can get a free Lyft ride by referring a new friend to the Lyft application. Actually both of you get ride credit! So the more friends, not using Lyft yet, you have – the bigger your ride credit gets.

You can invite your friends to Lyft directly via the app. To gain referral and bonus credits, invitees must be new to Lyft and must submit the referral code before taking their first ride. These are the steps to follow:

In the Lyft app, choose “Free Rides” from the left side menu and invite friends from the contact list.
When signing up, the invited passengers must enter the referral code (also found in the “Free Rides” section) into the “Payment” field.

By signing up, invitees receive Lyft free ride credit right away. As a referring passenger you’ll see your credit once the invitee takes a ride.

Several pinpoints to pay attention to:

Referral credits expire after 30 days from the activation date.
Credits are valid for the Lyft platform only and thus can’t be redeemed for cash.
The terms of promotion are subject to change.

Check out the list of the qualifying cities, as well as Terms and Conditions here.

Lyft Pioneer Program

enjoy Lyft Pioneer experience

Lyft offers Pioneer program to select honored community members, which means that these passengers receive ride credit upon signing up. If fortune generally smiles on you, you might get lucky and become Lyft easy rider too!

To enjoy Lyft Pioneer experience:

  • Download the Lyft app and set up your account.
  • If you are eligible, you’ll get an email specifying the amount of your Lyft ride credit (you can see it in the ‘Payment’ section of the app).
  • The credit granted will automatically be taken off your ride fare (anything over the credit amount and tips are charged to the card on file).

Keep in mind that Pioneer credit expires after 2 weeks. You can check the exact expiration date and time in the ‘Payment’ section in your app.

Some surplus benefits of Lyft Pioneer program:

  • While Pioneer offer is granted to Lyft community members in certain markets, Pioneer Lyft rides can be enjoyed in any city where Lyft is available.
  • Unlike for most of promotions, you can use other coupons too! Promo codes can still be submitted into the ‘Payment’ section before the first ride. However, some may not combine.

These are the 3 ways to enjoy Lyft free rides at full speed. I personally haven’t been lucky yet to become a Lyft Pioneer, but I’m hell good at spreading Lyft bacillus among my friends. And everyone seems be happy about the epidemic so far. Join in!

What’s your choice for a Lyft free ride? Share your experience!

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