Lyft Los Angeles: Lyft Community in LA

Lyft Los Angeles - Lyft Community in LA

La-La Lyft

From Santa Monica to West Hollywood to Staples Center, it’s all La-La Land. In the City of Flowers and Sunshine local drivers are exceptionally friendly and easygoing, so on top of rides in minutes you can count on Lyft LA for a very special welcoming service.

lift los angeles traffic

Lyft Los Angeles service is available 24/7 and covers the area illustrated on the map below. With a tap of a button you can request a ride to or from the airport, because now Lyft LA serves LAX!

lift los angeles traffic

LA taxi vs Lyft LA

It’s well worth noting that since the ride-hailing services were introduced in Southern California 3 years ago, the number of total LA taxi trips has plummeted by nearly 30%. The most dramatic decline is recorded in the LA’s most popular nightlife hubs and tourist attractions – the Westside, Hollywood and downtown.

Lyft LA against Los Angeles taxi

Just like all across the country, passengers are turning away from the state-regulated taxis to a cheaper and friendlier app-based ride-hailing service like Lyft. The LA fleet of white taxis fails to maintain its market share at LAX, because now Lift Los Angeles can pick up passengers there too.

Lift: from Los Angeles to LAX

Lyft LA for drivers

The tendency seems to be accelerating, which is a really painful blow to the local taxi industry. However, the City of Angels, the second largest city in population after New York City, with its dense districts provides great opportunities for drivers who don’t mind working part time to supplement their income.

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Lyft LA for riders

Lyft riders in their turn enjoy the most affordable rides in the city, especially when they know about Lyft promo codes we share! Don’t forget to enter the code you see below before you request your next Lyft LA ride – get a considerable discount off your fare!

Lift Los Angeles promo
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What’s so special?

There’s something special about Lyft LA community. Take their official Twitter account for example. Lyft guys have even written a haiku, a Japanese poem, to express their devotion to the company. Just check it out!

Weekend Lyft LA haiku

Lyft Los Angeles cares about its riders and especially their safety. Lyft seems to know about people’s Friday night plans and foresees the moments when party-goers need it the most. This is how these “tipsy” promotions are born.

Lyft LA: you drink - we drive

It looks like both Lyft riders and drivers enjoy being part of the Lift Los Angeles community while chewing their chunk of a cake. Friendliness, respect and good sense of humor – that’s what Lyft LA is about.

Welcome to Los Angeles – the Big Orange metropolis where even a Lyft LA ride is a unique experience!

Lyft LA ride is a unique experience

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