Lyft News: August Digest

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A regular Lyft customer, I know how hard the company works to make riding cheaper and more enjoyable for you, while not forgetting about its drivers. And this August has already proved to be very eventful, according to the official Lyft blog. Let’s check out what’s new on the ridesharing front!

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More Lyft cities

This summer the company has significantly expanded its geography to bring its ridesharing service to more cities. August 2016 will go down as a month when the Lyft taxi arrived in:

  • Athens, Georgia: With Lyft, you can now get from Windfall Heights to Westgate Park in practically no time!

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  • Lansing, Michigan: need a ride from the Westside neighborhood to Hawk Island park? It’s on the pink-mustached fellow!

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  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: heading from Sandia Heights to Quigley park? Request a ride with a Lyft taxi!

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Besides, this August marks two years of Lyft presence in New York! New Yorkers just love Lyft! Over 80 per cent of NYC passengers report they couldn’t be more happy about the quality of the Lyft ridesharing service.

More music festivals

Lyft knows very well how much you love partying at your hometown gigs. This month it’s offered discounted rides to and from the Tomato Art Festival in Nashville, Denver Flea, 94/7 Birthday Bash party in Portland and Denver’s Secret District. Watch out for more events!

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More commuting deals

The ridesharing service keeps filling transportation gaps to get you to your destination quickly and comfortably. This August Lyft has partnered with Miami-Dade county, and now those of you who live or work too far from a Metrorail station can rely on Lyft for your everyday rides!

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More partnership programs

In its quest to make driving and riding with Lyft even more gratifying, the company introduces new joint campaigns with the iconic brands:

  • Host with Airbnb! Hey Lyft taxi drivers from Seattle, Denver and San Diego! Lyft and Airbnb have teamed up to let you earn extra $300.Have a spare room? Become an Airbnb host!

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  • Enjoy rides with Starbucks coffee. Lyft and the big-name coffeehouse chain have proudly announced that you can now buy $20 Lyft gift cards at Starbucks coffee bars in 20 biggest cities. To sweeten the deal, you’ll also get a $5 Starbucks gift card. Limited offer! Hurry up to get a Lyft gift card for your dearest ones!

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Are you a Lyft customer and have an exciting story about riding or driving with Lyft? Feel free to share!

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