Lyft News in Fall 2016

Lyft News in Fall 2016

Winter is here, can you believe it? Well, for us it’s no bad news since we are not in Westeros and white walkers are fiction. On the contrary, I’m pretty sure that the Lyft ride-sharing service has lots of pleasant surprises, deals and promotional codes in store for us this winter season. Meanwhile, let’s check out what it was like to ride with Lyft in the past three months. As you might already know from the official blog of Lyft, this fall has been rich in events for the compan, so get ready for some really long and super-informative read!

Lyft is Legit in All of Pennsylvania

The question of whether ride-sharing services like Lyft were going to stay in the state and particularly in Philadelphia was acute for most of the fall of 2016 and was source of worries for both Philly’s Lyft drivers and riders. However, now residents of Pennsylvania can stay calm –  a legislation has been approved to make ride-sharing legal all over the state. Yay!Lyft Pennsylvania

More Partnership Deals

  • Lyft teamed up with Budweiser to fight drink driving. That is, when Budweiser gets you drunk on weekends and holidays, you can leave your car near the bar or at your friend’s and ride home safely with Lyft. Lyft Budweiser partnership
  • Lyft and General Motors friendship: the company drivers will have an exclusive chance to drive Chevrolet Bolt EV, the new electric car by GM, first.
  • Lyft partners with NAWLEE (National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives) to make riding and driving safer for the Lyft community. Lyft NAWLEE partnership
  • Lyft and JetBlue Partnership: you can now earn TrueBlue points by hailing a Lyft cab for your ride to and from airports.

    Lyft Welcomes New Executives

    This fall two top-class executives joined the Lyft team. Raj Kapoor is the company’s new Chief Strategy Officer and Melissa Waters is the new Vice President of Marketing. Welcome aboard guys and good luck to you!

    Halloween with Lyft

    I’m sure you all enjoyed the Lyft horror movie that is a product of friendship of the company with 5 Second Films. In case you missed it or just want to watch it one more time, here it is! 

More Cities on the Lyft Map

Well, this piece of news is especially great, because the more Lyft cities are out there in the US, the more citizens can enjoy cheaper and more enjoyable riding. Not to mention the many workplaces the company creates. This fall Lyft made it to the following spots:

  • Wilmington, Champaign and Greensboro, North Carolina. Three more Lyft cities in North Carolina!Lyft Greensboro NC
  • Lawrence, Kansas. Remember to use Lyft Lawrence codes to make your rides in this city even more enjoyable!
  • Allentown, Reading, York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After Lyft became officially legitimate in all of Pennsylvania, the pink-mustached cars made it to five more cities in the state.

Lyft Harrisburg RA

Lyft Express Drive in More Cities

Now residents of Atlanta, Phoenix and Nashville who don’t have a car can still drive for Lyft thanks to the awesome car rental program Lyft provides. Yes, that’s right! Moreover, you can pay literally nothing for the car and still earn quite a lot.Lyft Atlanta GA

Lyft Line is Also Expanding

You’d be pleased to know that Lyft Line is now also available in Las Vegas. Now this city residents can enjoy even cheaper Lyft rides as they can share their price with other passengers going their way.

Lyft Las Vegas

The Story of Lyft

And one more video from the company – the story of how Lyft started and turned into what we love today.

Of course, there were a lot more events on the ride-sharing front this fall but these were probably the most notable of them. And now, when winter has come, here is a tip for you: don’t forget to take advantage of Lyft promocodes! Sweater weather is another reason to opt for warm and comfy rides with Lyft and skip the hassle of crowding around in public transport or searching for a parking lot. So why not make your riding experience even greater?

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