Lyft Pink Mustache Taxi Evolution

First Lyft Pink Mustache for Driver

Hey, Lyft riders! Tell me what’s the first image that comes to your mind when you think of Lyft? Let me guess, it’s pink and furry…

Strapped to the front of the cars, pink furry mustache was a widespread sight on San Francisco streets as the ride-hailing company Lyft emerged in 2012. A bright oversized mustache adorned all Lyft cars. Somewhat quirky and rather bold, the iconic whiskers distinguished the new brand while making people smile.

Lyft Pink Mustache for Driver

However, the fuzzy pink mustache was out of place if you were going to an important business meeting. This was one of the reasons why the company decided for rebranding, so that both hipsters and business people would feel comfortable when riding with Lyft.

In 2015 Lyft introduced a smaller and sleeker magenta “glowstache” that sits on a driver’s dashboard and emits a gentle pink glow at night.

Lyft wanted to come up with a kind of 21st century version of the taxi light – and they nailed it. The design of the new corporate symbol was generated by the former Virgin creative director in collaboration with the studio behind Beats by Dre.

Lyft Glowstache Modern Set

Modern, fresh, and acceptable, the glowstache as if symbolizes a more mature Lyft, while positioning it as a pioneering tech company.

Ebay deals apart, the only way to get this super glowstache is to become a Lyft driver, which is a really nice job opportunity with all the perks and benefits Lyft offers to its drivers.

For me, there’s something alluring and soothing about this pink glow. Whether you kick out from the noisy bar in the middle of the night, or you’re in a big rush for a life-or-death meeting, it comforts you that you’ll reach your home or destination safe and just in time.

Shining Lyft Glowstache for Lyft Driver

With a user-friendly app and affordable fares, the demand for the Lyft service has lately gone through the roof. Despite the success in the market, the company has always given top priority to its community and cared about delivering friendly service.

Lyft keeps offering an interactive social experience as if you’re picked up by a friend of yours: you request a ride, the car rolls up – you jump into and give the driver a fist bump. Isn’t it great to have such a helpful pink-mustachioed friend?

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