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Use Lift coupon to get your best rides

What’s the fuss about

You might be a Lyft old-timer or a ridesharing newbie, but you must be really interested in how to get the best value of your rides. While some guys are going crazy about tracking down and capturing Pokemons in their city, we – Lyft riders – are fishing for free Lyft codes.

To attract new passengers, Lyft offers free rides and some percentage off of your trips when you first sign up for the app. This means, you can get a free ride or three before you actually have to pay! The trick is that the company bets that you’ll enjoy the service and that you will ride with them again.

‘Oh, that’s beginner’s luck,’ you’ll say. ‘But what about experienced riders?’ your question will be. If it’s not the first time you’re going for a ride with Lyft, the sun will shine down your street, too! You can get a discount for the ride using a Lyft credit code!

C’mon, you’ve done it at Walmart – scissoring out coupons from papers, searching for printable coupons online – all for greater savings. Now use a Lift coupon to get your best-value rides!

Get first time Lyft promo code
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Where to find Lyft promo codes

If you’ve set out for hunting for a Lyft free code, you can head to the Lyft website, check on your Lyft app, or you might rely on the Google search. However, some codes are valid for a week or month, and they might expire by the time you come across them in a random discussion thread. Instead of googling and sniffing around for hours, you can follow all the current promotions on the Lyft Rider blog – a genuine Lift coupon wellspring. Here’s the place where we guide you how to get a valid free Lyft code and secure the best price.

To apply your Lyft credit code, just enter it in the payment section on the Lyft app. Then set your pickup and drop-off locations and request a ride. Here you go!

You can also send invites to your friends and share your free Lyft code with them via the app, so when they use your link or code to sign up, you will earn more free rides.

Lyft rider using promo code

Another good word for Lyft

Do you agree that sometimes there’s little joy about owning a car? There are so many expenses to cover, including filling up and car washing. There’re also car insurance, registration fees, car maintenance to consider. And an occasional car accident or unexpected parking tickets can quickly add up to an astronomical amount! Just imagine what you could do with these extra hundreds of bucks!

While private car ownership raises more problems than benefits, ridesharing is gaining momentum. With Lyft, you get to your destination faster and cheaper. What’s more, Lyft is not just about picking people up and dropping them off – ridesharing is about community.

And with all those Lift coupon deals, it can actually save your money. Commuters can save hundreds of dollars per month using a Lyft free code, and businesses can also take advantage of using the Lyft Premier mode for their business transportation needs, rather than hiring an expensive car for their VIP guests.

Just enter Lyft free code before your ride

Here’s a list of situations when Lyft can save you time, money and frustration:

  • Lyft is a great alternative to public transportation if you live in a big city and don’t need a car on a daily basis. Just make sure to enter your Lyft free code before you request a ride.
  • Suppose you’ve run out of cash but need a ride to some place badly. Use Lyft! The service is all managed via the app, so you pay with a tap of your finger!
  • Lyft is a plan-A solution for a Friday night or a party that implies some drinking. Rather than trying to hail a taxi or depending on a friend to pick you up, you can go home safely with Lyft.
  • You can rely on ridesharing to get to the music festival. No worry about finding a parking spot, or paying high parking fees, or walking a long way from the lot to the show. Just enjoy the show!

Whatever the occasion or plan, Lyft will fit in perfectly as a transportation solution.

Looking forward to hearing about your Lyft credit code experiences!

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