Lyft Scheduled Rides: Lyft San Francisco First

Lyft San Francisco plan your trip in advance

I bet even the most spontaneous of you, guys, sometimes would prefer everything settled in advance. Suppose, you’ve got an early-morning flight or an important appointment – for peace of mind you would appreciate scheduling the ride beforehand, wouldn’t you? Rejoice! Lyft codes apart, starting May 23, Lyft offers a new feature that allows you, Lyft riders, to schedule rides up to 24 hours in advance!

Lyft San Francisco community is the pioneer of the new service. If the feature proves to be popular with Lyft passengers, scheduled rides may become available in more cities.

Introducing Scheduled Rides: Lyft San Francisco
Whatever the occasion, a friendly Lyft SF driver will get to your destination at the specified pickup time. To schedule a ride is easy – just tap the clock icon on the right when selecting your pickup location and set the time. If your plans change, you can make updates or cancel your scheduled ride up to 30 minutes before the requested time.

While on-demand rides remain the company’s major, Lyft riders joyfully welcome the new option in Lyft San Francisco and hope it will be soon introduced in other areas. Check out the feedback from the Lyft community on Twitter.

Lyft San Francisco - new airport service

Lyft San Francisco - new airport service

However, passengers are also interested in how scheduling will affect the fares. Below is the official Lyft comment.

Lyft San Francisco Scheduled in prime time

Lyft Community in San Francisco

As the Lyft SF service for scheduled rides is at the pilot stage, some details are being settled, so the company urges the Lyft community to follow the updates.

Lyft SF schedule rides up to 24h in advance

What do you think about booking Lyft rides in advance? What would you use the new service for? Share your ideas!

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