Lyft vs Taxi: Who Wins in Tug of War

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If you haven’t heard about Lyft yet, at least you must have heard of the stiff opposition between Lyft and taxi. To cut a long story short, Lyft is a car-hailing service that enables you to request a ride and pay the driver via an app. After the drivers drop the passengers off at the destination point, they set off for the next passenger, just like a taxi does. So, once having come into the transfer scene in 2012, Lyft is quickly gaining popularity with the progressive smartphone generation, there by giving the jitters to cab drivers.

Here’re at least 7 reasons why Lyft gains a competitive edge over a regular taxi

  • Lyft app is simple to use

With Lyft, you hail a car via a FREE and user-friendly app. It takes a COUPLE OF TAPS on your phone screen to request a ride. No extra effort of calling a taxi provider and hanging on till your request is handled. So simple that even your granny can manage that.

Try using Lyft instead of regular taxi

  • With Lyft you wait less

At the beginning of my Lyft rider experience I conducted experiments to record waiting time for Lyft – I started a timer each time I requested a ride. After a dozen of rides, the average wait time for a Lyft ride was around 4 minutes, which is almost twice as faster as estimated time of arrival for a regular cab!

Isn’t that great that you can hardly finish your coffee, as there’s a Lyft car at your doorstep ready to pick you up? And by the way, there’s no problem with your unfinished coffee – you can savor it in the back seat since you do not have to steer the wheel and watch the road. Actually, this “coffee issue” deserves a separate advantageous point on the list, doesn’t it?

Lyft service vs regular taxi Manhattan

  • Lyft offers straightforward pricing

You hop in haste into a cab, pleading the driver to press the accelerator, and at the end of the ride, as the driver tells you the fare (surprisingly higher than you had expected), you swallow your bewilderment, politely hand in the money and hurriedly retreat avoiding a confusing discussion. Does it sound familiar to you?

Lyft is straightforward in these terms. As you begin to book a ride, the app shows you the rate and alerts on any additional fees or fare increases. Actually, the rates may vary by city, daytime of the ride, and the vehicle type you pick. High demand time, like for morning commute, rush hour after work or late Saturday night, can imply higher-than-average tariffs per mile or minute – prime time rates. But Lyft will let you know when prime time pricing is applied. By choosing Lyft, you keep clear of the money grab and opt for considerable savings.

  • Lyft delivers better-quality service

Has it ever seemed to you that some cab drivers can be somewhat bossy and nonchalant, as if reminding you that it’s them who rules? When requesting a ride with Lyft, you see the drivers’ profiles and rating which illustrates other passengers’ feedback on their service and thus characterizes their driving behavior. If you rate some driver 3 stars or below, you’ll never be matched again. This rating system filters out those drivers with bad karma, so Lyft chauffeurs are motivated to deliver five-star service, which ensures your better riding experience.

  • Lyft provides convenient payment

When you request a Lyft ride, you don’t need cash on you. All you need is your phone. The payment transaction is performed via the app. The fare is charged to the card filed on your Lyft account. This provides you a convenient opportunity to pay for the ride even after you leave the car at your destination. No more embarrassing moments of not having enough money to pay up.

  • Lyft is safe

First of all, before applicants are approved to drive for Lyft, they undergo a criminal background check and must pass a test drive with a mentor – an experienced Lyft driver. Cars get a thorough inspection, too.

Secondly, while taxi drivers are most the people you see for the first and probably last time in your life, you have no idea what this person, you trust your life and safety for the next half an hour, is like. Lyft, on the contrary, keeps a record of ins and outs of each driver. If something happens, the police know what door to knock on. Actually, this goes for passengers as well. With such a secured environment, Lyft is hardly a place for scammers.

Finally, Lyft upholds a zero-tolerance alcohol and drug policy for its drivers.

  • Lyft offers great promotions

Lyft provides a variety of opportunities to save on your rides – bonuses, promo codes and others. You can get credit for you Lyft rides by referring new passengers or drivers. You can even enjoy some rides absolutely free! Here’s a post on the topic.

Try using Lyft instead of regular taxi

With all these advantages listed, are you still in doubt why Lyft has given a shake to the taxi industry? If you still question Lyft’s excellence, just give it a try – go for a ride and compare! In the end, if the company were not that good as I preach it, why would the local cab community get so nervous about Lyft entering the city?

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