Meet Lyft New Competitor

meet new ridesharing service

Hey, you know Lyft offers the most enjoyable rides with the friendliest drivers. Pax appreciate Lyft customer service and take advantage of a variety of special promotions and bonuses. You too should know by now that Lyft is a lot of fun and there must be a Lyft mustache selfie somewhere on your camera roll.

However, it’s getting tight in the ridesharing market. Lyft wasn’t the first one to come up with the ridesharing app idea. Neither is it the last. There’re some other companies ready to make your transfer routine easy and they’re craving for your attention. Sometimes the competition turns into a real turf war… But what I’ve been talking about?

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Lyft’s Competitor: New Ridesharing Service – Piggyback! 😀

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