Lyft September Digest: Let’s check out what’s new

Lyft News September 2016

Caught by surprise that the summer is over? It seems like only yesterday we were congratulating our dads on Father’s Day and celebrating the 4th of July. All this summer Lyft has been there for us to help us out with a ride. And while fall has just started, this September has already been rich in events for the Lyft community. Let’s check out what’s new.

Lyft’s 4th B-Day

First of all, congrats to all of you who make part of the Lyft community on the 4th birthday of the Lyft ridesharing service. That’s quite an event, huh? I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since Lyft was founded! Hey, Lyft drivers! Thank you for the good job you’re doing! Keep it up!

Group of four friends laughing out loud outdoor, sharing good and positive mood. Making party outdoor with champagne and confetti

Labor Day with Lyft

Have you had a chance to relax and spend some time with your dear ones over the Labor Day weekend? Hopefuly, yes! And Lyft drivers tried hard to make these days more enjoyable for the Lyft community. Let’s have a look at the job they did in DC:

  • Lyft has taken you to and from the battle of the Washington National and Atlanta Braves. 6:4! How awesome was that?
  • It took you canoeing to the Key Bridge Boathouse. Labor Day was a perfect occasion to get out of town and enjoy some time outdoors with your family and friends, wasn’t it?
  • The pink-mustached cars drove you to the Historic Lincoln Theatre so that you could enjoy your last summer gig – the Labor Day Weekend Music Festival.

Multi ethnic group of friends having fun together

Lyft’s education charity program

Lyft has just partnered with Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC), a non-profit theatrical organization. One of TPAC’s areas of focus is arranging arts education programs aimed at inspiring love for arts in students. Lyft shares this vision as it allows to positively impact the lives of its community and it has set up a charity program to help TPAC fulfill its mission.

Easy Lyft rides for seniors

Lyft works really hard to bring safe and cheap rides to more Americans. Not only does it expand its geography to include more cities, but it also makes ridesharing more available to people without smartphones – especially seniors. This time Lyft has teamed up with GreatCall, and now the Jitterbug phone users can hail a Lyft taxi with a phone call. Have you called you grandparents to share this Lyft news? Hurry up to cheer them up!

Lyft for seniors

Free rides and meals with Lyft

With the pace of modern life, it’s sometimes easy to forget to have a proper meal. Want some for free? Lyft has set up a new partnership program with DoorDash to raffle some meals and rides for you. Try your luck!

Get free rides and meals with Lyft

Back to school with Lyft

As it’s already September, some of you are most likely back to your college already. Did you miss your schoolmates? Your dorm room? Lectures and professors? Oh, come on, you surely didn’t! But Lyft does its best to make your comeback go smoothly and has taken over your campus rides. Great Lyft news, huh? Here’re top destinations for students where a Lyft taxi can take you. And don’t forget to make use of Lyft promotional codes to make your rides even more enjoyable!

Get back to school with Lyft

Las Vegas schools

In its blog, Lyft has provided you with a step-by-step guide of how to survive during your first school days in this city:

  • It took you to and from the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino where you enjoyed your last summer gig to the music of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Start your school year with Lyft

  • Also, it has helped you with heavy bags after you went books shopping in the Rebel Books store.

Ride to book stores with Lyft

  • It offered you a safe ride to campus after you had fun with your friends at PKWY Tavern downtown.

Lyft – Ride home safely after a party

  • Lyft knows too well how exhausting flat hunting can be and, together with Resiratings, it helped you to make the process quicker and more fun.

Move to your dorm in Las Vegas with Lyft

  • Sleepless nights are probably one of the hardest things to give up after summer is over. Need a dose of caffeine? Hail a Lyft cab to get you to the Makers and Finders coffee shop!

Lyft – Drive to the nearest coffee shop

George Mason University and the University of Maryland

If you’re a student at one of these schools, you’re especially lucky! Lyft has made friends with Honor, a Huawei group smartphone maker, and is going to raffle some selfie sticks and a couple of Honor 8 smartphones with the Lyft app already installed on the devices. Hurry up to get yourself a new gadget!

Win a smatrphone with Lyft

Stanford University

Are you thrilled about the new football season with the Stanford Cardinal? Me too! Make sure to take a Lyft taxi to and from each of your home games!  

Ride to the Stanford Cardinal games with Lyft

West Florida

Great news for this state’s students! As Lyft ridesharing service is growing bigger to take safe and cheap rides to the US cities, it has just made it to 4 more spots in West Florida – Naples, Bradenton, Sarasota and Port Charlotte. Too hot outside to walk to New College of Florida? Take a Lyft taxi for a cool-down ride! Need a safe ride to your dorm after rocking out at the back-to-school party with your Florida’s State College friends? Hail a Lyft cab!

Ride with Lyft in West Florida

New Jersey

Just before it was time for you to pack for school, Lyft has become available in all of the state! I’m sure that saying goodbye to your hometown and riding back to campus is much more fun in a pink-mustached car, isn’t it? So, whether you’re heading to Princeton University or need a ride from NJIT, rely on Lyft for an enjoyable ride!

Move into your dorm with Lyft taxi

Pretty eventful September, don’t you think? Watch out for more Lyft news on the ridesharing front!  

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